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While it was true that Rev Ike and his minions did that, I did have a hand in this. Lots of pastors preach homosexuality is a sin. I suspect some of that inability comes from the prosperity theology he preached, which is pervasive in contemporary churches. In the same book, he wrote that "men can look attractive when they're dirty. July 30, at 3:

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He offered pictures of Christ on the cross.

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The Rise and Fall of Detroit's Prophet Jones

Long simply sat back in his chair, glared at me and said nothing. July 30, at 3: His church members are largely older African Americans and members of the Caribbean community, and as such are less likely to have access to computers, and are usually ashamed or feel guilty for having fallen for the tricks of the Rev, and are unlikely to share their experiences with their children, or family members. Hound Dog" is one of the songs believed to have been appropriated from a female blues singer. Dominionites were prohibited from playing checkers, poker, and other games, and from socializing with non-Dominionites. Bernice King confers with Long at her mother's funeral.

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But we don't talk enough about how some megachurches may be accomplices in that process. If my experience can help anyone who has been a victim of Rev Ike, or prevent someone from becoming a victim, then I feel I will have helped someone. Why do people accept such autocratic leadership in a church? I see the same thing with Osteen and Reverend Ike. It was the angriest I'd ever seen him. He also preached his philosophy of self-empowerment on television and the Internet, in books and magazines, and on audiotapes and videotapes.

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