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There was one more fixture in the center of the ceiling which looked like a traditional flood lamp, but it was not on. Master Rick stood patiently and watched as I removed my shirt, trousers, underwear, shoes and socks, and placed them neatly on the table. After I was mostly dry, Master cuffed my hands behind me, then placed the dildo in my hands. Here are my suggestions for the basic tools. Near the shower area, at about crotch height, a single metal bar protruded about 18 inches straight into the room.

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I literally shook, and for the first time, my hands came down to my side.

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Silicone lube will create permanent stains on sheets and other fabric. He put ear plugs into my ears and onto my head he placed a leather hood with no eye holes, only nostril ventilation and a hole for the water tube to be taped into place in my mouth. I was required to strip before entering the dungeon, there was no physical contact between us. I wondered what would happen to my cock.

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After all, Master was watching.

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