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But I understand that concept. I'm so, so happy," Remmington tweeted. His DMs are currently being flooded with fathers like the man from Arkansas, all seeking advice on how to make the world — and particularly their own home — a more welcoming place. He is very supportive of gay rights now and does things like boycott homophobic companies and votes for politicians he's not crazy about because he says "I love my son". And sure, I expected some athletics along the way.

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However, like Jay, it is perhaps too tempting to make fathers an easy target, particularly in the absence of their voices.

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Initially, the assertion that homophobia plays center stage in men's masculine self-concept may seem rather extreme. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. So the script started where the conversation ended. He was always pushing me to be on the football team or to do this or that.

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For example, some of us like the strong silent types because that's what our dads were like while others go for these types because that's what we wished our dads were like.

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