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But for that matter I didn't want to hear about Wilt's 20, women either. Although I am from Texas, my favorite player resides on the East Coast. But in many ways, there has never been a better time to be out. Although, as long as they're not flaunting it, it wouldn't matter to me. I would not root for a gay athlete, and I certainly would not buy their jersey.

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Probably most of that homophobia coming from the owners and their staff.

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As LGBT rights progress, why do gay athletes remain in the closet?

He will pay a price, unfortunately. Sure, I would accept a gay athlete and so would my two boys. Dean Bushik Long Beach, Calif. But those ideas create confusion in gay athletes that they must put on a strong facade so as not to appear weak and to conform to societal norms of what it means to be a tough man. Negative talk about gay people is not the issue. I don't know -- or want to know -- anything about the sex lives of even my closest friends, other than that they have relationships so something's probably going on. Having said that, my admiration for him wouldn't change.

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They need to stay in the closet or they will hear it. Deborah Hyppa Portland, Ore. As for athletes in general, their sexuality doesn't matter to me. In this day and age, openly Christian ballplayers are just as persecuted as openly gay players would be. The insensitivity of language toward women spurs homophobia.

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