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Don't anyone feel for Rami, because this is an event he brought upon himself. I saw it with my own eyes. It depends on where you are in that part of the region. So in a way, that sort of revealed to me that there is some type of an agenda. The Abbey has hit a new low. He bought a bail bond and got out When will it end?

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And I hope the guy who did it gets jail time.

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San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

This is all bull. Windy City Media Group does not approve or necessarily agree with the views posted below. Are you gonna tackle me down too and call me a spik cuz thats exactly happen people if you must know…………obviously it wasnt a gay bashing cuz the Abbey is a gay bar as a matter of fact. Jonny reply 23 is a HUGE liar and talking out of his ass. A runner up on season 4 of Project Runway, R It was an unprovoked attack and the perpetrator is in jail. Knowing it was the Abbey makes me think it was probably a martini glass

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And indeed, Rami and Christian were the final two with the younger, outspoken Christian ultimately prevailing. It's an underground community; it functions differently than here. I just read this and I guess it happened a few months ago. The cops arrested the drunk, not Rami. Who cares about Rami. As on most days, Yasser Arafat Square in central Ramallah was crowded with pedestrians, taxis with screaming horns and fruit sellers lugging their goods on carts.

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