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The Silence of Sodom: Journal of Research on Adolescence. What God Has Joined Together? Marriage Together in Love: Empowering the Tribe by Christopher Penczak. Calling the Rainbow Nation Home:

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General Surveys Lord Given Lovers:

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Psychological well-being among religious and spiritual-identified young gay and bisexual men

Two Views by Robert A. We acquired a Certificate of Confidentiality to protect study data. In Spite of the Church by K. Gay Religion by Scott Thumma. Young gay and bisexual men YGBMhowever, may find themselves at odds when attempting to reconcile potentially conflicting identities like religion and their sexual orientation. In a recent review, Rodriguez noted that most of the psychological literature has propagated the assumption that YGBM, at some point in their developmental process, experience conflict between religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Bible Interpretation Stings of the Flesh:

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Jewish Traditions Found Tribe: General Surveys Church at war: To our knowledge, however, no research has explored whether YGBM tap into spirituality as a source for inner strength and how this process might be associated with their psychological well-being. Personality and Social Psychology Review. Sherman Asher Publishing, Jewish Traditions Legalizing Gay Marriage:

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