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People joke about having a "work wife" or "work husband," but I feel like I really do. And even if a roommate is not explicitly bigoted towards LGBT individuals, they can still have discomfort with living in close quarters with someone who identifies as LGBT. As long as one conforms to the dorm rules, one's sexual oritation shouldn't matter. I was taken aback. When you will be living in close quarters with someone for a while, I think it is just common courtesy to discuss big items openly so that there are no surprises. If only we could turn back time, right?

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If we can all share the same space, Breathe the same air, And stand on the same grounds, Why would you need to know?

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Christopher Rosa. Leo Parker. If a gay person wants to live in a dorm room, then he or she should be allowed to.

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Bob just received his roommate assignment, and after "friending" him on Facebook, Bob discovered that his roomie is gay.

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