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Flex pulls in reasonably solid crowds most of the time, and its proximity to some of the region's top leather clubs - like the Eagle and Faultline Bar - make it something of a favorite with the leather-bear-fetish crowd. It was a very crazy time to live in Hollywood, and everything went and I mean everything! I did find other less expensive venues and would hit them on half price days. Get directions from Go Geo locate me. I will miss those days with all my heart. Part of the nationally known brand same as Melrose Spa and ClubMidtowne Spa is a big, impressively designed place don't be put off by the industrial exterior that's very well taken care of and pulls in a huge mix of regulars and tourists of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

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There's Flex Baths Melrose Ave. Even though on half price days the time limit is trunkaded. A pity.

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