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Anne with an E has a minor Setting Update from the Anne Of Green Gables books on which it is based and is set in the mid-to-late s. Abroad, things were jumping internationally. There was still a supper club in Boston called "The Gay Nineties" as of at least Portlandia 's reprise of The Dream of the 90s is Alive in Portland is all about hipster nostalgia for the 's. It should also be noted that the term "Gay Nineties" for this era, like the " Edwardian Era " that followed it, is primarily British. Jerome and his companions to say nothing of the dog while they do more or less the same thing. Mutt and Jeff comics are not funny!

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A good chunk of Citizen Kane takes place in the s, when Kane is at his height as a media mogul.

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Modern crooks arrive and find the place easy pickings until stopped by the Dynamic Duo. Though minus is set in the Present Dayit still borrows quite a bit of Gay Nineties aesthetic, notably in crowd scenes, where the background extras are often gussied up in top hats and dinner jackets for the men and frilly hats and long dresses for the women. Mutt and Jeff comics are not funny! Nor is this trope exclusively American. Sports-wise, the Victorian Football League broke off from the Victorian Football Association ingrowing into one of the most followed and watched leagues in the nation, and today is slowly encroaching into what is traditionally Rugby League territory. The cast of Star Trek: The most important thing that happened, however, was the Federation movement.

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One or two glitches slipped through in the earlier chapters, then Mori hired a historical consultant to help her. The cast of Star Trek: The prominence of airships and areoplanes seems to indicate the s. Those days were gay days when Grandma was a girl. Not only are the classic Disney comics guilty of this trope, a fair number of Classic Disney Shorts are guilty of it as well. It was certainly grim if you weren't a well-off white man in that time; racism was blatant and commonplace and had the backing of law with the Supreme Court ruling in Plessy vs. The automobile was just barely invented, so new that people couldn't agree on what to call it "Horseless carriage" is the memetic old-timey name, but that only scratches the surface.

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