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Dennis and Contrapoints, have been arguing for some time that a lack of sexual attraction to trans folks is, to some degree, shaped by societal prejudices and stereotypes. Psalms But something far more sinister is skating by … Click Here to Read More. BloggersandExperts Beauty Makeup. I'll be making regular posts on specific people, look for yourself with an open mind.

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White said she agrees with the president's call to ban trans service members undergoing hormone therapy from fighting on the frontlines, but said there's no reason trans people shouldn't be able to serve in the military in other capacities.

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About every two weeks, White, a year-old living in Los Angeles, posts videos sharing her conservative opinions on YouTube to an audience of aboutsubscribers who help her rack up millions of views every month. White also said she's no stranger to hateful comments about being trans on her YouTube page, but she dismissed these comments as "par for the course just being online. I've never had anyone on the street say anything nasty to me about being trans.

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It's possible also, as Snopes speculated, that White and her boyfriend asked someone to throw the liquid in her face to stage the alleged assault, which White said she didn't report to the police.

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