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Moreso, numbers-wise, yes. According to their bylaws, the Log Cabin Republicans will only endorse Republican candidates, regardless of the issues or individuals in any specific political race. Trying to link Hillary to one mass shooting by one American-born Muslim as an excuse to support Repubican politicians who have done nothing for gays and who are actively trying to deny basic human and civil rights to gays is stupid af. Nice try tho. Only Pulse was successful. August 27, Views Read Edit Fossil record.

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EastCoastJ September 29, at 5:

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But the braindead, tax-cuts-for-the-rich gayKK will always find a way to justify its support for homophobic Nazi-apologist extremist Treason Trump. One person at a time, we are building a stronger Republican Party and a better America. Kennedy for Ward 2 Council seat. Retrieved January 29,

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Democrats support gay rights.

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