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I have this technique I call "reverse telemarketing", in which I basically do a bit of telemarketing to the telemarketer. Always Hello but in the other language, just randomly. Still Smokin ' features Cheech's long and funny answering machine message before Chong tells him they need to catch the plane to Amsterdam. This message for a school needs to be heard to believe. Once I made my voicemail just: You kill'em, we chill'em; you stab'em, we slab'em; you slay'em we lay'em.

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The swinging door Inn:

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Funny Answering Machine

Iola does it in a drab monotone, Naomi does it in a sexy, seductive voice with a kiss at the end Mama: I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to speak up. In a sketch on the The Tracey Ullman ShowTracey played a single girl whose recorded calls all indicated that her answering machine message made her sound sick or depressed one, a wrong number, referred her to a suicide hotline. When a character lives in a modern setting, how do you show the audience or reader how quirky he or she is? I'm sorry, I can't hear you. How would you like us to kill you today? When Rachel and Phoebe were sharing an apartment, they made a couple of attempts to record a message with alternating words.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Leave it at the tone. This message for a school needs to be heard to believe. How I Met Your Mother plays with this trope a few times. Lemont's answering machine always identifies the caller, usually "Mom" or "creditor. I'm in Canada so the southeast of England doesn't concern me. Fun ways to answer the phone.

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