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I am already trained in my mind like other people with this ability or something similar, regardless of religious or not, whether you are a christian or whatever, the thing here is called using common sense. Lol you can not produce an abortion! In the arts, authors Alice French a. So conversation is now officially terminated. The Arkansas Senate passed a resolution to ban same-sex marriage nationwide. I am sure many folks exceed the maximum speed limit on the freeway without being caught.

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No kids are the fundemental to our existence and survival.

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Out and under attack in the south: Arkansas LGBT rights hit reverse

Certain European countries are have a declinning birth rate which is troublesome. So, if a person believes marriage is a religious institution, then the government can not prohibit the free exercise thereof. Mary Bentley's website now supports gay rights Somebody has cybersquatted on Republican Rep. Even the case of government employees is a forlorn hope. But, this is a prime example as to why gay uniom and hetero unions are different and should not be put on equal grounds Gay couples can never have kids from each other so they can not understand that part. Oh please I I know who you are and you know what, you are just full of it, The supreme court can get things wrong from time to time.

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They wont be treated equal for long! When you say harm, do you mean hurt feelings? No matter what you say marriage is not a right. But, America is smarter than that which is why the democrats wad crushed this last election. Non-biological parents have been declared more fit to care for children regardless of sexuality! But, federal laws trump state laws which you know about considering many states still have marriage defined as between a man and a women in their constitution! Since gays do not have biological kids from each other, they never think about that….

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