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What does it matter? You must log in or sign up to reply here. And that should be enough. Some are bisexual me for example - I've turned more "gay" recently and also like socalled femboys - very feminine gays - simultaneously my interest in genetic girls has diminished 3. People should be free to like plenty of things. My Darkest Days Renee Reyes:

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From the sounds of it, you must be younger.

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If he likes shemales is he gay?

When compared to a shemale! What about GAMP men green line? May 9, Messages: I'd even fuck their ass, and maybe, let them do me. Heaven would be to find a women that understands this and wants to share in this turn on.

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Concerned after having discovered your man is watching shemale porn? If you are gay, you would be seeing muscular man flexing. There certainly is something to the almost independent sexuality TGirls that doesn't seem to bother when I see them and feel attracted to them. If he says he likes you then he does. I love bands with androgynous characters in them, and guys will comment saying oh that girl is hot You are not gay. But think of all the people that don't care; the people who wear their likes and dislikes and beliefs and foibles loudly and proudly.