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References He had found one of his patients feeling slightly short of breath, no doubt because of an insufficient dose of diuretic overnight. The factors most likely to affect the wellbeing of such doctors are homophobia, discrimination, the challenges of medical school and residency, and lack of support systems. A survey of 1, third-year residents in internal medicine and family practice looked at attitudes toward caring for patients with AIDS and toward homosexuals in general. Are openly GLB physicians happier and more successful, and do they suffer more or less stress?

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Harassment of lesbians as medical students and physicians.

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These results were corroborated by a survey of lesbian doctors reporting harassment for their sexual orientation: J Fam Pract. On my adult neurology rotation, a young woman came to the emergency ward with urinary incontinence and other symptoms and signs of a herniated disc. It may also involve denying a residency position to a homosexual or bisexual doctor or refusing to refer patients to such a doctor.

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Other practical suggestions are listed in the box.

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