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It was so big, but the cheeks were so soft and acted like giant cushions. Once this was done, he increased his speed into the ronso. Soon I had the entire monster inside of my mouth. Tidus' face felt good under his tongue, especially when he had to concentrate it into areas under the nose, in the eyes and on the neck. The ronso rushed to his feet, catching Tidus' eyes as he did so. This time it was more lubricated and Tidus felt astonished as Kimahri could successfully thrust even more of his dick inside his mouth.

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Tidus could tell the ronso was getting hot because his fur was getting thicker and discoloured.

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Tidus, Brother and Wakka in Final Fantasy X

Tidus was so sure that Kimahri's dick wasn't going to fit into his mouth, but the motions of the ronso's body said otherwise. Your review has been posted. Soon enough he hit this spot inside of me making me shiver with pleasure and making me scream his name. It was the exact opposite of when Tidus was fucking Kimahri. I always wanted to say that.

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Feeling something touch the edge of his big-passage, Kimahri then felt Tidus' arms wrap their way around the ronso's neck. When we pulled away from the kiss he immediately started to kiss at my neck, sucking and biting at the flesh gently. I began to kiss and nibble at his neck and took my hands from his hair, and raked my nails down his back with enough force to draw blood. He still jacked me off, and thrust his hips up to meet mine. When he was done, he positioned himself at my entrance, and looked at me questioningly.

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