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It should be noted that the social representations of same-sex parent adoption are associated with issues involving reciprocal love between the child and adoptive couple. The Issue Adoption: Prior to several rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States, adoption laws varied widely by state. Women made up the majority of the study sample In one case, a lesbian couple in Texas is suing the U.

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Overall, this study can be seen as serving as a resource, in professional training, graduation courses and lectures, to generate new discussions and reflections regarding adoption and childhood development in the same-sex parent context, which can foster and execute public policies that enforce the right to constitute a family by same-sex couples.

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December 2, Gato, J. Through these spheres of social representations, the relevance of the theme, that has been greatly discussed, can be observed throughout this article.

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As demonstrated in Class 2 see figure 1 the words that most represent this class are women and men, these, which were used as a comparison in relation to homosexual couples, which in turn, justified that they were supportive of the adoption by considering it natural, although different, because there exist many concepts formed regarding the theme, which in turn, are filled with stigmas associated with the homosexual person.

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