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Researchers found that disabling the fucose mutarotase FucM gene in laboratory mice — which influences the levels of estrogen to which the brain is exposed — caused the female mice to behave as if they were male as they grew up. Bat species that have been observed engaging in homosexual behavior in captivity include the Comoro flying fox Pteropus livingstoniithe Rodrigues flying fox Pteropus rodricensis and the common vampire bat Desmodus rotundus. Cavan Sieczkowski. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Olympic marmot left and Hoary marmot right.

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Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care.

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People took to the streets on Sunday to protest a proposed amendment to the extradition law that protesters fear would allow Hong Kong citizens to be unfairly extradited to China. Study of this unique genitalia and aggressive behavior in the female hyena has led to the understanding that more aggressive females are better able to compete for resources, including food and mating partners. The Independent Books.

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MIT Press.

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