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The character was reimagined in the miniseries Seven Soldiers and was later revealed to be the first intersex character in the DC Universe. A casual Marvel fan may recognize the word Graymalkin as popping up frequently in the X-Universe. Being magical in nature has lent Loki the ability to take on many different forms and in those forms display many different forms of attraction. A gay member of the Teen Titans, Bunker a. Introduced as a member of the covert strike team Stormwatch, Apollo draws energy from the sun and is able to store it within his body. The shape-shifter has many abilities, including flight, invisibility, and superhuman strength, and was engaged to Karolina Dean. As a member of the alien race known as the Skrull, Xavin has both male and female forms.

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As a member of the Legion Academy, Tel Vole uses his abilities to affect his personal gravity and the gravity of nearby objects to fight for truth and justice in the 31 st century. He was then recruited by Emma Frost and Magik to join the X-Men, where he learned to control his mutant ability — the power to take on the appearance and voice of another person. Sunfire II Lesbian.

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But times change, and audiences want to find more ways to relate to the stories they consume.

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