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What is a "man" and what is a "woman"? Must be great to go through life with your eyes closed. Even if most people were against gay marriage, which polls consistently show is not the case, majority will is no justification for the exclusion of a minority. That is, marriage is oriented toward producing and raising children, if God so blesses Genesis 1: Homosexuality is not a choice. Most people live together before marriage and the law does not discriminate between marriage and cohabitation which greatly undermines the nature of marriage.

gay marriage reason wrong
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We reject and condemn any violence.

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We can't become discouraged because God has a plan and we win. Indeed, if it weren't for the idea that marriage is sacred, it seems unlikely that ongoing debate would be as rancorous as it is. Civil rights activists looked fabulous with hoses and guns turned on them. To turn the argument on its head, one simply has to ask why society feels the need to segregate our rights from those of heterosexuals.

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Homosexuals have no integrity.

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