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And the full episode. Roads in South Korea were primitive, and often treacherous, so helicopters were favored over ambulances. Archived from the original on June 3, Rogers was threatened with a breach of contract lawsuit. Gelbart and Reynolds claimed they received over letters from people upset over the ending.

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However, in the unaired pilot, the brutal nature of this scene was compounded by the fact that Cersei was not a consenting party to it.

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Radar O'Reilly/Gary Burghoff

As commanding officer for the first three seasons, Stevenson ended up exiting the show to pursue other interests. Clayton, like Hammond, is in charge of several medical outfits including the th. The same thing happened to the character in the television series. At the end of the episode, he listens to a recorded letter from his sister Honoria, who turns out to likewise be a stutterer. Much has been written about the similarities between this show and Hogan's Heroes Samuel Flagg Edward Winterthe paranoid intelligence officer, was a Lieutenant Colonel for the first three seasons of the series, but had been promoted to full Colonel by the fourth season.

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The script was likely written before Spearchucker was dropped and the writers presumably overlooked editing that line of dialogue. Stella Stevens was originally offered the role of Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, but turned it down, because she wanted to focus on her film career. He is a skilled surgeon, willing to take extraordinary measures to save a patient, such as in "Heroes," where he undertakes an experimental procedure he had read about in a medical journal, using a primitive open-chest defibrillator and open-chest heart massage. His sister's religious name is Theresa. His mother is deceased, and he is close to his father. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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