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You could certainly say that we are both fat. Sorry about my punctuation Jesse, my 2 yr old at me feet. I get off every time she flashes her pink undies…. Damn,I need to find one myself: How do we all end up here, anyway? Take a stand man and stick with it!

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In the broadcast Bennett recalls how his mother dressed him in a fur vest.

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I have so much fun with you every days……. Let's look for him. If my daughter does not lose interest in this show by the time she turns three I am canceling cable. Needless to say, we usually only watch it out of desperation, because I control the TV. First of all the Boobahs are not as gay as the tele-tubbies also the doodlebops are not at all clowns but are more like drag queens!!!

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Whistles Suddenly a large white Chihuahua with black and brown spots comes running into the studio like a It is like trying to contain the wind. I just wanna hear what you all think about the Boohbahs. No longer is about our children but ourselves and that just is wrong. Even if he never met a girl or had zero female influence,he would never sink into that lifestyle because he would know that being gay means being corrupt in a moral sort of way and who wants to be ostracised? Maybe you should check yourself because if you get some enjoyment out of posting scripture on websites to condemn people, you got the whole witnessing for Christ wrong.

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