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Clicking on the employment tab just out of curiosity LOL brought my to the full Bliss website, but there's no mention of the club featuring guys there, just girls. Ghetto garbage destroys it. I'm getting my dollar bills ready now - all warm and smelly. Urbanist "What I have said, in multiple places, at multiple times, is that the city of Atlanta could go a long way to deterring the type of criminal activity that occurs, if it was more thoughtful with respect to how they developed the city. How about something a little classier and sophisticated, like a theater company? The male strip club Bliss originally was a female strip club. It's pretty obvious that these restaurants aren't bad or dangerous elements, however, they are located amongst a lot of them.

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If this place would have been turned into another female strip club, my response would have been the same.

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Atlanta's second gay strip club to open in Buckhead

You were not being an ass at all. Let me know if you can find any statistics of bullets flying at any gay club or gay strip club. In fact, it's a convenient barrier of it. Uber and Lyft- including discount codes Transportation: Where is the best burger? Chippendales is the most gay friendly out of the male shows.

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If Atlanta is entitled to have a Cheetah, it's certainly entitled to have something like this. Try staying somewhat consistent with your B. I was thumbing my nose as "strip-club entertainment". Bliss will be the second all gay strip club in metro Atlanta. With a view; 2.

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